Oops, there’s that perspective problem again.

Sometimes, you’ll draw something for the first time, and just nail it right away, like getting the spelling of a long word in one go. The Count’s felt face and mouth were like that – I tried shading how I thought a muppet would be shaded, and it pretty much worked! I love those moments.

The opposite of that is skin tone. I am still pretty lousy with skin. But I’ll discuss that a few more comics into the archives, here.

The brick wall is another example of a recurring theme in my art. Often, I’ll imagine a scene, then realize that it would be very difficult to draw – either technically, or just by being labor intensive (as with a brick wall). But because Bit Parody exists as a challenge to my art skills, it is in fact the very act of recognizing how tough it will be that convinces me that I must draw it. To back out after that would be ‘cheating’, according to the whip-wielding Belmont of my own artistic standards. Sometime I hate that guy.

In retrospect, the wall really would benefit from some variety, like a window or planter boxes. But that didn’t occur to me at the time, and you know what, I am proud of myself for sticking it out and drawing those bricks.