I am a fan of realism in my art, and part of the mission of Bit Parody is to approach very realistic depictions of fictional characters coming to various forms of macabre harm. So I was presented a challenge in how to draw the Duck Hunt dog in his famous pose, popping up out of the grass. He has those big cartoony saucer eyes, and is not so much a dog as a furry really into hunting roleplay. Anyway, if I drew a “realistic” dog, the joke would be lost.

Have I mentioned I love clouds? Every time I draw a Bit Parody with clouds, I try to use a different kind. Clouds are as varied and expressive as you want to make them, so it seems a waste to draw the same puffy cottonball ones every time.

I feel like I nailed the mountains with their tree texture. The green trees at the back, though, are a little too detailed, which was a trap I fell into trying to make every element, no matter how small, completely rendered.  Again, I’m a fan of realism, and that includes not mimicking photographs by including background or foreground blur. In real life, you have time to let your eye wander over a scene, adjusting to the distance of any object, rather than an artificial blur constraining your focus. In this way, painted images can be more real than a photograph – single images which somehow possesses time, by letting you view everything at your own pace. Anyway, I drew the background trees as detailed as I could. But I think I forgot that sometimes, the natural eye simply can’t see things that sharply far away. It’s an ongoing issue for me.

Jim Gaffigan has a bit he does about changing what you’re writing based on what you can spell. Let me just say that the tree next to the dog wasn’t originally going to be a gum tree.