Ha ha, look at me working on my perspective. It’s a simpler shot here than in the first comic, but you can still tell I noticed my mistake with the floor tiles in the Metal Gear scene, and am trying to pay attention to perspective in comic #2.

When I began Bit Parody years ago, I decided I wanted to become a talented digital painter. I’m not a fan of doing something I’m already good at and staying at the same level – I design new projects outside my ability specifically to force myself to learn something new. Looking at this comic now, I’m amazed that I thought it looked ‘done’. That Mega Man’s eyes were fully rendered, or my shading was complex enough, or that Rush’s head really looked like it was crushin’ some grapes (where what we really have looks more like a thigh nuzzle). Remember, from day 1 my goal was to paint the most realistic, complete scene I could! I’m not surprised that I wasn’t capable of better art back then – I’m surprised that I saw this art as finished.

It’s humbling to look back at old artwork. I don’t mean humbling as in embarrassing, but in a humanistic sense. I’m not just “better at art” now than I was then. My eyes, my brain – they are different eyes and brain than were carried by my body when I drew this. I am a stranger to myself. Humbling, but in a neat way.