It can be hard to look back at a picture like this one – there’s a lot of great improvements I made here, but the longer time goes, the more I’m drawn to the flaws first. Well, that’s art for you. Not complaining.

I’m clearly paying attention to perspective at this point in my development, which is nice to see – although I made a pretty silly error in the bottom panel (at the time I thought it was ‘artistic license’). I’m proud of the effort I put into rendering the background – I tried to imply the palace was a complex space, with multiple paths and corridor types. This is a form of world-building, even though we usually think of world-building as being the pages of backstory in a fantasy novel or the costume design of the inhabitants of an otherworldly city in a serial comic. A single panel can imply an abundance of location information. My hope is that, especially if you’ve played the game, your mind is now imagining what rooms might be down that darkened hall, or remembering a sprint across a collapsing bridge over a lava pit like the one right next to the palace entrance here (??).

I didn’t mean to draw Horsehead (yes, proper noun there) as the cutest widdle pony in the barn here, but I like the effect. I want to give him widdle wet kisses on his snoutums yes!