There’s a special kind of punchline which does double duty – it hits you with something funny on the surface, but then gets you again by recontextualizing or adding to the setup of the joke. This kind of punchline makes you think back to the premise – now holding information you did not have the first time – and see it as funnier than it was to begin. I covet these punchlines. I don’t always know how to craft them intentionally, but when they come to me, I am very happy.

This comic has one of those punchlines (at least, the way I read it). Because, yeah, Mega Man did not expect to get prostate cancer. How would a robot even get cancer? The look on his face is pretty good. But then you think back to the fact that Mega Man absorbs abilities from fallen foes. You feel sort of bad for Wily. You realize that Mega Man is murdering a cancer patient in frustration. Delicious.

The background in panel two saved me some time. I’m always excited when I have a legitimate reason to not put much work into a large chunk of the comic. Looking at it now, though, I think I would light Mega Man with some orange reflections from behind, to imply he is in a real physical space.