Welcome to Bit Parody!

P-FAQ (potentially frequently asked questions):

What does ‘Bit Parody’ mean? The name occurred to me at a time that I was wanting to draw more short comics as a way practice my digital painting style (rather than a quicker, simpler, long-form style), and was also reading webcomics like 8-Bit Theater. The word ‘bit’ seemed like a popular way to signify comics about old 8- and 16-bit games, and from there my mind went to bit parity, as I had just completed a training course in computer hardware. ‘Parity’ refers to a number being even or odd, and ‘bit parity’ is a way to check if a stick of RAM is corrupted by adding up all the bits (binary 1s and 0s) and checking the parity against what it should be. It’s an error check that can only work about half the time – draw a humorous parallel between that and my drawing ability, if you like.

Also, I love parody. A long time ago, I had a site called the Batman Remix, where I drew comics in which Batman was a narcissistic moron. The tone was actually very similar to Will Arnett’s take on Batman in the Lego movie franchise, and this highlights the great disadvantage of parody – in using other people’s characters, I can’t really get mad when someone else does the exact same thing I do. Only the comics themselves are my own.

What is your update schedule? I will update the main site with a Nintendo-related comic every Friday. The very detailed, painted comics (no lineart) take a very long time to make, and so they will only be a portion of what I upload. But a new comic every Friday.

I also have a lot of other art popping out of me at random intervals; watch my Twitter feed to see fan comics, Dan & Harry’s ice cream flavors, rough sketches and more.

What do you use to make the comic? Photoshop (which is finally affordable, thanks to the monthly subscription model!) and a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 (which is not that affordable, but I have a second job in the summer and saved up!) are how I make 100% of my comics.

Who are you? I’m a kid who doodled in school every day of his childhood. I’m the teenager who can’t watch a movie or read a comic without making an obnoxious joke about it. I’m an adult who still plays his SNES games, but doesn’t really have the patience to learn how modern shooters work. I’m a father to four awesome kids, and I teach Math at the high school level.

Are you going to do that humorous thing where these questions and your answers devolve into a self-aware meta conversation, full of passive aggressive jabs and schizophrenic folderol? No.

Did you spell ‘folderol’ correctly on the first try? No.