Before drawing NES Mockery Comix, I never noticed the little differences in fonts from one old game to the next. But for this installment, I needed to type something in the Ninja Gaiden font, and could only find very similar ones – none that were just right. Would anyone have noticed if I had used the Mega Man font for this comic? I honestly don’t know. But I’m enough of a perfectionist that I recreated this font pixel by pixel from reference pictures, and there was something very relaxing about doing that. I would place white blocks, one next to another, zoomed in so far that the only background was black and one letter was my entire world.

Do you know what the most distinct, most variable character is from one NES font to the next? The exclamation mark! Some of them are super slanty in a way you don’t see anywhere else. Others are rounded on the top like a light bulb. Others are technically factorial symbols, and you have to multiply whatever Kid Icarus or whomever is saying by every positive integer below it.

Art analysis, hmmm. We’re getting to the stage of my ability here where I’m not particularly embarrassed by the image as a whole, though some issues do stand out to me. The cop lady (was she a cop in the game? I feel like she was) somehow looks great and no good at the same time. Clothes, good. Hair, goofy but nicely done. Skin tone… I dunno, I can’t put my finger on it.

Ryu, though, really. What a terrible ninja. Everyone got the jump on him.