Whoops! What happened to the art style? This is an ‘extra’ comic, one which follows up on the main joke of Rush being a dog who sniffs crotches (aaaaand I finally typed the premise out in words and realized what a ridiculous human being I am). I was inspired by the red button underneath every Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, which adds a bonus punchline to the main joke. I believe it began as a voting incentive, but now Zach Weinersmith makes them for all his comics.

I wanted a way to get some of my smaller ideas out, without painting an entirely new, high-detail Bit Parody for each one. This way I can riff on my own comics and update the site more often! Anyway, the art is better because I drew it more recently.

This also means you can be rewarded for re-reading my archives – you never know when a new comic may have slipped in to extend a joke.