I’m curious to find out whether I’ve composed the first panel of this comic well enough for the reader to realize why the guy is sneezing. I’m relying on most readers recognizing what the waiter is doing – grinding pepper from a pepper mill – for the sneeze to make sense. Of course, not everyone will have seen a pepper mill that looks like this one. I’m also counting on the waiter’s posture and the seated guy’s expression to draw your eye down to the salad. Notice that I put spots of white in the background behind the pepper flakes, to highlight them. But does that help you recognize that the dark flakes are pepper?

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter too much. This is a silly throwaway comic which is only even a little amusing because it follows up on the previous comic. I’m not going to lose sleep over the composition of this one. I will, though, try to learn from it.

I do like how this comic plays on the previous one. To me, the funniest thing here – and it was not intentional – was the way the shame on the guy’s face mirrors that look he had after shouting “Barf!” in the street fight. He knows he has a weird problem. He knows.